Quality Timber Windows in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire & Oxfordshire

Timber windows have made a remarkable comeback in homes around Gloucestershire. Once seen as a problem, they're now seen as a solution.

Although most people would agree that timber is an attractive material, it's true to say that it's had difficulties coping with the British weather in the past. Sun, rain and wind all take their toll, leading to decay, distortion and deterioration. Timber windows were seen as expensive and difficult to maintain, something that needed to be constantly protected or even replaced.

High Quality Timber Windows

However, the good news is that modern manufacturing methods have virtually eliminated these problems. All timber windows now have to meet strict standards of weatherproofing and durability. All frames are treated and finished to ensure that they can withstand the extremes of our changeable climate. A correctly fitted wooden window frame will last you for many years, with minimum maintenance. Timber is also easier to repair, making it a sound long term investment.

Wood is a very flexible material, so timber windows can be made in any style, from traditional casements and sashes to modern tilt and turn designs.

Add Great Warmth and Character to Your Home

Finally, timber windows have a natural beauty that's difficult to obtain with man-made materials. They have a living and organic feel, adding great warmth and character to your home. You can choose from pale softwood surrounds, or dark hardwoods, such as oak or mahogany. These can be varnished to bring out the natural grain, or painted any colour you choose. Indeed, timber is probably the most flexible material in terms of visual appeal.

Although timber windows are likely to need a larger budget than synthetic replacements, the hard-wearing practicality and sheer beauty that they have to offer is priceless.