Bay Windows in uPVC, Timber or Aluminium in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire & Oxfordshire

Bay windows are such a popular feature on homes in and around Cirencester, that it's hard to believe that they haven't always been around. However, bay windows only really gained mass appeal at the end of the 19th century. Before that, they tended to be a feature of grand country houses.

High Quality uPVC Bay Windows

A bay window is a window set in a space that projects outwards from the main wall of the house. If you looked down on it from above, you would see that it creates a square or angled "bay". The main reason for installing a bay window is that gives a room extra space and light.

This style of window really refers to the bay itself, rather than the actual window. This means that any type of window can become a bay window, provided it's fitted in a bay. Casement or sash windows, tilt and turn or stormproof windows can all be used successfully in bays. The choice really depends on your individual taste and your surroundings.

Available in Every Type of Colour, Finish and Material

At the same time, bay windows are available in every type of colour, finish and material. Modern uPVC, weather proofed timber and even aluminium work well as bay windows. Indeed, double glazing is pretty much essential, since the bay will be more exposed to the elements. Projecting sides and angles provide more opportunity for draughts!

If you haven't already got a bay, then you need to be aware that it's a construction job, rather than a replacement window job. Nevertheless, this needn't be difficult, and a specialist firm will be able to guide you through the process.

If you would like more room and natural daylight, but don't want to extend your house, then a bay window is a good choice for you.